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Goliath/ Gantry E.O.T. Crane

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Goliath/ Gantry E.O.T. Crane

Gantry Crane or Goliath Crane or Portal Crane, name by which it is generally known, is the most ideal material handling equipment to handle heavy loads in open yards. It is generally desired for outdoor application. The name goliath indicate its huge load capacity and giant structural built up. However, it sometimes finds its place in assembly shop of engineering unit specifically in automobile unit.

Product Highlights :

  • Suitable For Open Areas.
  • Extensive Cover Of The Floor Area.
  • Master Controller/Remote/Pendant.
  • Cable Reeling Drum.
  • Favorite in marble industries.

Applications :

  • Ship Yard.
  • Open Yard Storage.
  • Steel Yard.
  • Pipe Industries.
  • Granite & Marble Industries.

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